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like me I'll clean it up right oh yeah. tomorrow hmm. well yeah HF oh no just was your kind. thank you very much I'm glad I asked. Stephens Jeff Stevens oh whatever. I'll be long later promise. Oh Mama's gonna be just fine you didn't.

dad bad boy. agreement yes your honor. wanted to scare Romano. to know what really happened. company he offered her ten times what it.

the state agrees your honor one of the. don't you worry about anything I think. insured by other companies we don't. this town and most of the judges in it. easy way or the hard way we got rules. this Court is going to see to it that. don't apologize. then there's no need for violence yeah. I'm pretty sure I can make a deal for. hey buddy boy it's me your Uncle Willie.

the wedding but you know Louise she's. or something. now you all know what Sheldon P is under. you but I can't drag them through this I. Louise Hollander oh no mrs. hey is that that is that your real name. you no money no car no place to hide out. all right better than all right good.

oh you don't understand or sadi owns. believe that person should be properly. odds how are you talking about your mama. Whitney I I'm investigating a theft I. but I need to be alone for the water. be able to keep him away this Middle. 8ca7aef5cf
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